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Post 12 months notice: First released October third 2001

The language children use is the language they research. In transparent, functional phrases, this primer explains how early youth educators of youngsters as much as the age of 9 can help the efforts of non-English-speaking kids in nursery colleges, little one faculties, day care facilities and study rooms to take advantage of - and examine - English as a moment language.

Loaded with unique principles and down-to-earth, sensible suggestion, this publication - extensively revised and significantly increased during this, its moment version - is an important consultant to constructing a delicate, being concerned and alluring application for the entire world's youngsters.

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4 percent), in 1979 the county reported 10 percent of all juvenile arsons, and these fires accounted for 43 percent of the property dollar losses for the entire state that year. 44 CHAPTER FOUR Further, these arson offenses in the county were increasing at an alarming rate. In 1977, the year in which reliable figures were first recorded, there were some 793 fires fitting the category of arson, resulting in property damage of $124,000. In 1978, the figures had risen to 977 suspicious or confirmed juvenile arsons and $171,000 in damage; in 1979, there were 1,044 youth arson incidents reported and a total damage of $2,700,000.

Similar patterns prevailed for the other fortytwo behavioral problem areas that these more serious teenage firesetters shared. In summary, as these patterns indicate, the older the juvenile firesetter, the more varied and complex the problem areas become. Further, in each of the three age groups of firesetters, there appeared to be subtle distinctions in terms of what behavioral problems they held in common. Those young firesetters (ages four to eight) with numerous problems were more likely to express their anger and frustration by striking out at things close to them, such as the family pets, their own toys, and their siblings, as well as themselves.

Likewise, Caucasians were in a similar 80 percent majority in both groups. Further, the level of school and the order of birth were similar for both groups. In summary, our two groups of juveniles appeared to be nearly identical. * However, we did note marked differences in the categories concerning parents and family. As becomes a common theme throughout this book, the families of juvenile firesetters are strikingly more disrupted and disturbed * Tables numbered with the letter B are to be found in Appendix B.

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