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Add the key to the plaintext letter’s number. 4. If this number is larger than 26, subtract 26. 5. Find the letter for the number you’ve calculated. This is the ciphertext letter. 6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for every letter in the plaintext message. Look at the following table to see how this is done with each letter in “Hello. ” with key 13. Each column shows the steps for turning the plaintext letter on the left to the ciphertext letter on the right. Table 1-1. The steps to encrypt “Hello. ” with paper and pencil.

They are not a part of the actual program. Aside from the line numbers, be sure to enter the code exactly as it appears. This includes the letter casing. In Python, HELLO and hello and Hello could refer to three different things. Notice that some of the lines don’t begin at the leftmost edge of the page, but are indented by four or eight spaces. Be sure to put in the correct number of spaces at the start of each line. ) For example, you can see that the second line is indented by four spaces because the four characters (“whil”) on the line above are over the indented space.

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