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By Giuliano Preparata

Dr. Preparata (d. 2000), a professor at an unspecified Italian college, was once one of the minority of theoretical physicists difficult the normal version of quantum box concept with a "more practical" quark version of the straightforward debris of subject. He argues his case in 5 lecture-type essays. An appendix overviews the underlying math and formal good judgment. Lacks an index"

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II For a good introduction to Q F T and its relevant applications to modern physics see J. D. Bjorken and S. D. Drell, Relativistic Quantum Fields, [Bjorken and Drell (1965)] For some applications to condensed matter physics see G. Preparata, QED Coherence in Matter (World Scientific, Singapore, 1995). 2) reduces to [*(z, t), &(x', t)] = S(x - x1). 5) p where p = n^f-, n integer. 6) are capable to give us a complete picture of the extremely complex kinematical structure of the Hilbert space of the states of the quantum field * , the Fock space.

A ) . m. field with frequency tv = (E2 — Ei) in resonance with the atomic transition 1 o 2, and the fourth term represents the electromagnetic coupling of the two atomic levels. m. field. m. * Thus the analysis that follows focusses on the physics of a single CD. m. field amplitude, a = a(t)e~lult, the time-dependence of the envelope a(t) can be neglected. If one does not make this approximation which, as we shall see, clearly breaks down in the highly condensed matter limit, the one-mode Lagrangian that appears in the phase of the PI is§ i • 1 .

13) and the scalar product is given by { m = / ^^e_aa>*(«)u(a) = cva?. Now the holomorphy of (f)v(a) restricts v to the set of non-negative integers n = 0 , 1 , . . =. expz / dtla H(a*k,ak))At (t)ia(t) -ff(a*,a)). 3). 21) 44 An Introduction to a Realistic Quantum Physics It is also interesting to note that the latter result coincides with the classical one. 21). We may thus rightly conclude that the coherent states represent the "best" quantum approximation of classical physics.

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