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Fusing any one of these classic features with a more modern element can create a moody new image in the players’ mind. Consider flying buttresses traced with neon, gargoyles clutching stuttering fluorescent lights in their mouths, a churchly row of arched alcoves each housing a lone payphone, modern office buildings with wired rose windows, chain-link portcullises, elevators climbing up the sides of towering pillars in the nave-like lobby of a modern corporate castle. When building the city in which your chronicle takes place, don’t be afraid to stylize it a little bit.

The Sheriff who exists solely to enforce the Prince’s will is a poor model for the office, as he’ll soon lose the respect of the Kindred he’s supposed to keep in line as well as neglect the contacts and informants whose secrets he requires to stay a step ahead of the scofflaws among the undead. That’s what this section investigates. To what extent do feudal roles dictate a Kindred’s affairs? What might a Kindred’s specific duties be? How do key Kindred in these roles affect the city’s mien? What might a Kindred possessed of a feudal title be found doing on any given night?

Subinfeudation is an even grander grant of domain, effectively allowing a Prince to declare a certain region the nigh-sovereign domain of a sub-Prince, known as a Regent. While this reduces the area over which a Prince’s own pure domain extends, the sub-domain offers several benefits. First, the sub-domain established, known as a tenurial domain, literally answers to the Prince in a feudal sense — the Regent is similar to a duke and the Prince remains his feudal superior. Thus, the Prince can reap some portion of the benefits belonging to the Regent.

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