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By F.G.A. Stone, Robert West (Eds.)

ADVANCES ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY V12. content material: bankruptcy 7. The Literature of Organo-Transition steel Chemistry 1972Author Index: experiences of Organo-Transition steel Chemistry; writer Index; topic Index; Cumulative record of individuals; Cumulative checklist of Titles. summary: ADVANCES ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY V12

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C. Formed by Splitting a C-C Bond Following suggestions by Walsh (69) that there is considerable delocalization of electrons in the cyclopropane ring, Tipper (67) prepared a substance “ cyclopropaneplatinous chloride,” of formula PtCl,(C,H,), from which cyclopropane was regenerated on reaction with potassium cyanide. ” However, it gave a pyridine derivative [PtCl,(py)z(C,H,),] whose stereo-chemistry is not in accord with platinum(I1) chemistry. This prompted reinvestigation (3)which showed it to be a platinacyclobutane(1V) derivative (X), converted to a mononuclear octahedral complex [PtCl,(-CH,-CH,-CH,-)(py)z] on 20 JOSEPH C H A T reaction with pyridine.

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