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29), which gives the value ofbending stress at any point "P" in the positive quadrant for the orthogonal axes OU and OZ, where 0,a and rl are defined in Fig. 16. 29), it can be seen that M is due to a load that acts 6: perpendicular to the Ox axis, where in Fig. 16, M is shown according to ch. ' Fig. 16. Principal axes of bending, Ot] and Or. the right-hand screw rule. 3 BENDING STRESS IN A CANTILEYER A cantilever of length 2m is subjected to a concentrated load of 5 kN at its free end, as shown in Fig.

In certain cases, when the shear stress varies inversely with the wall thickness, so that the shear flow 4 is constant, it may be lound convenient to carry out the calculation using q instead of z. 2 From Fig. 595 MN/m'? ' 66 Shear Stresses in Bending and Shear Deflections [ch. 2 Now from vertical equilibrium considerations, the resisting shearing force in the web = F: 30kN. 23. Shearing forces on chaDnel section. 8 SHEAR CENTRE POSITION F'OR A THIN-WALLED CURYED SECTION Determine the shear centre position for the thin-walled curved section shown in Fig.

64"; Determine the direction and magnitudes of the principal second moments of area of the section of Fig. 2. 592E- Determine the stresses at the comers and the maximum deflection of a cantilever of length 3 m, loaded at its free end with a concentrated load of 10kN, as shown in Fig. 3. zm ____-+| Fig. 3. Cross-s€ction of cantilever. 32MPa; neutral axis is 60' Ifa cantilever oflenglh 3 m, and with a cross-section as shown in Fig. 1, is subjected to a vertically applied downward load at its free end, of magnitude4kN, determine theposition and value ofthe maximum bending stress.

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