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By Edward J. Carvalho

Acknowledged Legislator: serious Essays at the Poetry of Martín Espada stands because the first-ever selection of essays on poet and activist Martín Espada. it's also, to this point, the single released book-length, single-author learn of Espada presently in lifestyles. counting on leading edge, hugely unique contributions from 13 Espada students, its valuable goal is to argue for a protracted past due severe expertise of and cultural appreciation for Espada and his physique of writing. stated Legislator accomplishes this activity in 3 basic methods: via offering readers with history details at the poet's existence and paintings; providing an exam into the subject material and dominant issues which are usually contained in his writing; and at last, by means of advocating, in a number of methods, for why we should always be interpreting, discussing, and instructing the Espada canon. Divided into 4 particular sections that modulate via a number of theoretical frames—from Espada's...

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Some trans theorists further extend this. For example Nataf (1996) draws on notions of shifting, hybridised, monstrous bodies as envisaged by Haraway (1991), and morphing, which involves changing gender and changing species when in internet virtual reality (see for example Wakeford 2000). Post-structuralism provides important tools for understanding gender diversity. Notions such as the discursive construction of subjectivity are crucial in unpicking ways in which people are normatively conditioned into binaried sexual and gender identities.

However, like some liberal feminists, some early radical feminists aimed for androgyny. For example, Millet (1970) discussed an androgynous future in which individuals evaluate and integrate masculine and feminine traits, whilst Firestone (1970) envisaged the development of technology enabling the end of male–female gender differences based on biology. qxd 18/12/04 7:18 PM Page 25 Gender Theory 25 sexual diversity, although, as with liberal feminisms, they do not extend to physiological gender pluralism.

Is it possible to move beyond gender altogether? Or, is a gender plural system emerging, in which male/female categories are complemented by other identities, and if so, how can this be theorised? qxd 18/12/04 7:18 PM Page 35 Gender Theory 35 are addressed by different theoretical approaches, which I outline below. Whichever approach is taken, key concepts concern: ● ● ● ● intersectionality: as shown above, gender and sexuality operate in complex, contextualised, and changing interaction with other forms of social stratification such as nationality, age, ability, ‘race’ and ethnicity, and class/socio-economic variables; gender and sexuality as made up of a number of different biological, psychological and social factors; gender and sexuality as the result of a combination of essentialist and constructed processes (see Bullough and Bullough 1993).

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