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By Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Dissident Cuban author, photographer, and pioneering blogger Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo provides a suite of surreal, irony-laden pictures and texts from his local urban. His "diary of dystopia"—an unforeseen fusion of pictures and words—brings us toward Havana's scaffolded and crumbling facades, ramshackle waterfronts, and teeming human our bodies. during this booklet, as attractive and bleak as Havana itself, Pardo courses us throughout the relics and fables of an exhausted Revolution within the waning days of Castro's Cuba.


"It is hard to catch in photographs the soul of a panorama or a urban, might be simply because they do not have one on my own yet many. Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo's pictures, and the commentaries they're followed with, seize whirlwinds of souls and supply them to us in such approach that our personal soul is transformed." –Fernando Savater

"Some [photographs] have a sly humor, others an summary beauty...Mr. Pardo Lazo resists any effortless categorization."...

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They don’t believe in this man who died without aging, but they still light a candle for him like a saint. If there is life after death, I will continue the struggle…not in one but in a thousand and one Vietnams…But resurrection is not granted to radical revolutionaries. Until forever, then, continental commander, whose Cuban cadaver seems to be one more plagiarism of our little island homeland. 32: The Minocastro in His Labyrinth Havana has something about it like a pallet of half-rotten vegetables—its leaking sewage and gas pipes, its clotheslines dripping on the neighbors, its electrical wiring always about to short out, its totalitarian stink of an impatient patient about to terminate, exterminate.

My father didn’t have to end his days under the sun as harsh as the eyes of our deranged city. My father never learned to say “La Revolución” with conviction, but his eyes would tear up whenever he whispered, “La Habana…” 26: The Capitol of Capitalism The Cuban Capitol began as an imitation of the one in Washington DC and ended up being our scrawny imitation of democracy. Opened in 1929, the Capitol was vacated in the stampede of its thirtieth year, when Fidel Castro’s armed bearded ones entered Havana and the whole Senate of the Republic, as corrupt as could be, emigrated without resistance.

No one will convince us afterwards that it was not worth trying, trying to push the wall until it falls. 37: The struggle continues, victory is uncertain It’s not on a mount, but on Mount Street, an avenue winding through Havana, the ugly border of the most densely populated municipalities in the country. Before 1959, Mount Street was a continuous bazaar. Shop entrances stretched all along it, doorway to doorway. Granite floors were trimmed with metal. Exaggerated display windows sported stylishly exciting mannequins.

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