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By George Kimball Plochmann

A complete examine of “one of the main elusive and sophisticated” of the entire Platonic dialogues. The Gorgias starts off with a dialogue of the character and price of rhetoric and develops into an impassioned argument for the primacy of absolute correct (as expressed via judgment of right and wrong) within the legislation of either private and non-private existence. Plochmann and Robinson heavily study this nice discussion within the first two-thirds in their booklet, handing over the ultimate 4 chapters to a broader dialogue of its solidarity, sweep, and philosophic implications.

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Fairer than this would be the observation that Plato is attempting an extraordinarily difficult feat: to interweave disparate as- Page xxxi pects of a person's character with each other, and whole characters with other characters, at the same time doing this almost entirely through the workingout of a number of general concepts. 15 More than any other work by Plato, except perhaps the Apology and its two sequels, the Gorgias has a threefold rhythmic movement between a treatment of the individual person, a class of persons (such as doctors or pilots or the entire city), and the general notions attaching to any and all of these.

Giving in to this temptation would again lengthen this book, introducing what would amount to a whole new dimension into the exegesis. Remote from this point, we have also avoided almost all questions of textual refurbishing, preferring to leave this to experts. Most, though by no means all, of the alterations proposed over the years seem ultimately to make no great difference to what we take to be the main effort. Why each line is included, and whether it contributes to the unity of the workthese are the questions we address as often as possible.

Antecedents and Consequents of the Divided Oblong 296 13. 1. Preliminary descriptions of rhetoric. 2. Order of construction of the Divided Oblong. 3. Tilted Divided Oblong. 1. Tilted Divided Oblong. 2. Tilted Divided Oblong. 3. Whether happiness and wickedness are compatible. 4. Resulting conditions of the relief of evil. 5. Resulting conditions of the relief of evil. 1. Contrasts between the loves of Callicles and Socrates. 2. Callicles' dialectical contrasts. 1. 2. Images used by Callicles and Socrates in examining pleasure.

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