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By Franco Masetti, Roberto Messa

Chess is ninety nine% strategies! This famous maxim may well sound unusual yet is de facto simply an exaggerated simple fact: on the way to win extra video games, not anything works higher than education mixtures. fixing many tactical puzzles is what makes the variation for newcomers and informal avid gamers. There are varieties of books on strategies, those who introduce the techniques by means of a a few examples, and workbooks that comprise a variety of workouts. Chess masters Franco Masetti and Roberto Messa have performed either: they clarify the elemental tactical principles and supply an incredible quantity of routines for every diverse subject. 1001 Chess workouts for rookies is a smart first strategies booklet. It is helping you in selecting vulnerable spots within the place of your opponent, in spotting styles of combos, and in visualizing methods.

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In many others the prophylactic pawn fact, 1. Ci:JxdS? is a blunder, as Black move is a useless waste of time that can reply 1... ; and after 2. �xd8 creates a potential target. �b4+! 3. Wd2 �xd2+ 4. �xd2 �xd8, Often, Black can safely respond to White finds himself down a piece. the pinning move �gS by playing Even with an absolute pin, there �e7; otherwise, but only after the are times when the defender can free arrival himself from what appears to be a choose devastating pin. White's bishop with h6.

Mxh7 3. 'Wh3+ mg6 4. 'Wg4+ mh7 3. 'WhS+ etc. a draw in what at first sight appears to be a lost position. A startling tactical Stalemate and perpetual check are n't the only means for securing the draw. blow that secures a draw by perpetual check or stalemate is just as rewarding as a brilliant checkmate. Few things There is also the liquidation sacrifices, where the objective is to simplify to a theoretically drawn endgame position. are as satisfying as 'swindling' our opponent out of what appeared to be certain victory.

However, Tal saw deeper than that and played 1 . . Wxf3+! ; and after 2. 'kt>xf3 tt:le3! , White had no choice but to resign, as the knight move makes the prevention of 3. . h2 and subsequent promotion impossible. Pawn promotion can involve many different tactical motifs. In The promotion of Black's passed the pawn seems to have been successfuly following position White uses the prevented by White. Then came the threat of promotion to win a rook by rude shock of 1 . l::le 1 + ! 2. means of a skewer.

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