Download 100 Questions, 500 Nations: A Guide to Native America: by Native American Journalists Association with the Michigan PDF

By Native American Journalists Association with the Michigan State University School of Journalism

*100 Questions, 500 international locations: A consultant to local the USA* is by means of the local American newshounds organization as a part of the Michigan country college institution of Journalism sequence in cultural competence.

This consultant has sections on tribes, reservations, sovereignty, treaties, federal workplaces, casinos, schooling, language, faith and culture.

The consultant is meant for individuals in enterprise, faculties, locations of worship, executive, medication, legislation enforcement, human assets and journalism—anywhere it is very important recognize extra approximately groups. we are hoping this advisor works for many who simply have questions on the folks round them.

Questions include:

Who is an American Indian?

Where did American Indians come from originally?

Why are local peoples known as Indians?

Which is right: American Indian or local American?

How many American Indians and Natives are there?

What are the explanations for emerging population?

Why does the govt check with such a lot indigenous humans in Alaska as Alaska
Natives rather than as American Indians?

Are local Hawaiians thought of American Indians?

What is a tribe?

How many tribes are there?

Which is the most important tribe?

Are Indian tribes and Indian international locations the same?

What powers do the tribes, as countries, hold?

What form of governments do the tribes run?

What is the tribal council?

What is a reservation?

Why is it referred to as a reservation?

Hoe many American Indians survive reservations?

How a lot land do tribes hold?

What is Indian Country?

What are the residing stipulations in Indian Country?

What is tribal sovereignty?

What is sovereign immunity?

Do states have jurisdiction over American Indians or their land?

Do American Indians need to obey an analogous legislation as non-Indians?

Are Indian american citizens U.S. citizens?

Can American Indians vote?

Do local american citizens pay kingdom or federal taxes?

What are treaties?

What agreements did the treaties contain?

Why did eu settlers input into treaties with the tribes?

Why did the tribes comply with the treaties?

Are local americans stricken by the cheap Care Act?

Are treaties nonetheless valid?

Do treaties supply local americans certain rights today?

Are treaties being challenged?

What agencies characterize tribal interests?

What does the Bureau of Indians Affairs do?

Do American Indians have the proper to carry optional office?

Do local americans serve within the U.S. defense force?

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